Hazel D. Plant Women's Treatment Facility

Hazel D. Plant Women's Treatment Facility

Directions for new entrance to Hazel D. Plant (DO NOT USE GPS FOR DIRECTIONS) Download PDF

620 Baylor Boulevard
New Castle, Delaware 19720-1140
Voice - (302) 777-6800
Fax - (302) 777-6898

Warden: Carole Evans
Deputy Warden: Wayne Wilson

This facility opened October 2005; the first all female facility of its kind in the State. It offers traditional work release and the Crest program. The Crest Program provides women with a comprehensive substance treatment, with work release as a component.

An offender enters the work release program by order of a court or is classified to participate by DOC officials. Offenders normally stay in work release less than one year, with the average stay of four to six months. Work release participants typically work for private employers. They must display pro-social behaviors such as honesty, responsibility and accountability. Random substance abuse testing is mandatory throughout their stay at HDP. While employed full-time, offenders must pay a $25 per week room and board fee and $25 toward any court obligations that include costs, fines, child support and victim compensation. Persons working part-time pay $15 per weekly for the same obligations.

The facility also houses female weekenders. A typical weekender is typically serving time for DUI or under Family Court commitment. They remain at HDP from 6:00 pm Friday and 6:00 pm Sunday.

The Center employs a corps of classified offenders, at an established wage structure, as workers for the facility. They provide support to DOC staff in the areas of food service, telephone operations, ground keeping, housekeeping/janitorial and laundry service for offenders.

The offenders in this facility engage in a number of community service opportunities, such as the SPCA and baling of cardboard.

The facility is dedicated to the successful re-entry of offenders into the community. It is operated in such a way as to achieve an equal balance of control and treatment for offenders that can positively impact their behavior and lifestyle patterns upon release.