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Department of Correction Administration Building
245 McKee Road
Dover, DE 19904
Phone:(302) 857-5345
Fax:(302) 739-8220

Jamie Young, Community Relations Officer

Community Relations works with civic, community and religious organizations, research bodies, government agencies, municipalities, and Delaware citizens in accommodating requests for information and assistance, and in the resolution of constituent concerns. This unit also oversees family services for family members and friends of those who are incarcerated within the Delaware Department of Correction.

The Family Services Coordinator provides a centralized point of contact for family members and friends who may have questions, concerns or need assistance in understanding the operation of the Department of Correction. The coordinator may be contacted through the following avenues:

Family Services Coordinator phone: (302)857-5470

Family Services Coordinator e-mail: ASKDOC

In addition, Family Services is pleased to be working with Sesame Street to provide resources for children who have an incarcerated parent or relative. These on-line toolkits aimed at helping children understand incarceration can be accessed here: Children's Resources

Operation Zipp Up

Community Relations secures the necessary linkages, manages the relationships and creates vehicles and opportunities to promote a positive agency image and to support the Department's commitment to public safety, the community and its employees.

Part of our work to uphold public safety requires family interest, strong community links and solid government support. The Department of Correction needs the aid of the Delaware community to achieve this. The guiding principle for the Office of Community Relations is to keep sight of this and encourage these relationships.


Our work in the community not only serves to aid offenders and their families. We also try to seize opportunities to encourage young people to be law abiding and discourage mischief and problem behaviors that could ultimately lead them into the criminal justice system. This is done by involving our staff in School Career day sessions in local schools, mentoring programs and through sponsorship our annual Mischief Night Haunted House Tour and Party that attracts more than 1200 youngsters of all ages and their parents.