The Department of Correction, through employed chaplains and many volunteers, provides a wide range of faith-based programs to all inmates within our facilities and institutions. Religious services and programs provide offenders with the opportunity to practice the basic tenets of their religion. Religious services and programs promote high morals, encourage positive lifestyle changes and can play a critical role in an inmate's rehabilitation.

DOC Religious Services

Approximately 30% of the offender population participates in religious services or programs. Worship services for Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim offenders are provided on a regular basis. Religious services for inmates of other faiths are provided as needed.

Each facility or institution has a religious services area that is multi-denominational, and is suitable for worship for those of varying beliefs.

Religiously mandated diets are accommodated through the provision of alternative meals. Inmates may also purchase foods from the commissary to supplement their diet. All meals meet recommended daily dietary requirements as directed by the USDA.


The Department encourages and provides opportunities for responsible community volunteers/groups to provide and support religious services and programs. These volunteers come from a variety of denominations and faiths, and provide religious studies, seminars, outreach efforts, transition programs and counseling.

For more information on religious services and programs, please contact the individual facility directly. Contact information can be found at the DOC Locations page