Youthful Criminal Offender Program (YCOP)

This housing unit/program accommodates a juvenile male population between ages 16-18. It is located at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution and is intended to manage the State's most difficult juvenile offenders. These youths are either found non-amenable in Family Court or are sentenced by Superior Court to the adult system for serious offenses.

YCOP is segregated from the adult male population within the facility. YCOP is a therapeutic community, which seeks to change behaviors through structured programming. Programs include: substance abuse treatment, anger management, alternatives to violence, youth leadership, public speaking and parenting.

Education is mandatory for juveniles without a high school diploma, with offenders attending classes five days a week. Young offenders with a GED are encouraged to earn their high school diploma. Other activities include Prison Arts, religious worship, and outdoor recreation. YCOP offenders are permitted weekly visits, daily phone calls and visits to the commissary.