Department of Correction

The Department is the second largest Executive branch agency in the State, and the largest law enforcement agency in the State with over 2,500 employees. The Department is comprised of the Office of the Commissioner, Bureau of Administrative Services, Bureau of Correctional Healthcare Services, Bureau of Prisons and Bureau of Community Corrections.

Delaware provides a unified correctional system, with all correctional facilities and institutions falling under the jurisdiction of the State. The Department supervises between 6,500 – 7,000 inmates within our correctional facilities and approximately 17,000 probationers within the community.

Within the unified system, Delaware maintains a five-level system of supervision for offenders:

  • Level V - 24 hour incarceration (jail/prison)*
  • Level IV - Work Release Centers, Home Confinement (electronic monitoring), Residential Drug Treatment, Violation of Probation Centers
  • Level III - Intensive Probation Supervision
  • Level II - Standard Probation
  • Level I - Administrative Supervision
*Jail describes those offenders serving one year or less.

Daily Population Summary

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No. of inmates*
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No. of offenders on probation*
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No. of offenders on pre-trial detention*
{{ pretrial_community }}
No. of offenders on pre-trial detention within the community*
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No. of inmates released*
*Numbers reflect 24hrs delay



Smyrna, DE - In accordance with recommendation 8.4 of Governor John Carney's Independent Review, the Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) is proud to announce it has completed the security camera implementation at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center (JTVCC) in Smyrna ten months ahead of schedule.


Smyrna, DE - the road leading into the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center was dedicated this morning in honor of Correctional Lieutenant Steven R. Floyd, Sr., who lost his life in the line of duty in 2017.


Dover, DE - Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) Commissioner Perry Phelps announced today that he has selected a new Chief and Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and Warden of the Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Institution (BWCI) in New Castle.

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