What offender information can I obtain?

Under Delaware Law, the Department can tell you if someone is in our custody, where that individual is housed and his/her mailing address. Information including, but not limited to offender medical information and disciplinary information is confidential under Delaware law.

Can I visit an offender?

The Department recognizes the importance of support from family and friends. Visitation is allowed at every correctional facility and institution; however, each facility or institution has its own rules related to visitation. Please visit this link to determine the appropriate rules: Visitation rules/procedures by Facility

How can I send mail to an offender?

Offenders may receive mail, but please note that certain items are not permitted to enter correctional facilities and institutions. Please visit this link to get additional details on the appropriate protocol for mailing an offender: Institution/Facility Inmate Mail

How can I get money to an inmate?

Procedures for providing money to an offender can be found at the following link: Make a Deposit

How can I get addresses and phone numbers for all Department of Correction facilities?

This information can be found on the Contact Us web page. Printer Friendly PDF Format lists for Bureau of Prison Facilities and Bureau of Community Corrections Facilities

What information is available about Capital Punishment/Death Penalty?

History of the Death Penalty in Delaware
Inmates Currently Sentenced to Execution in Delaware
Inmates Executed in Delaware Since 1992

How many offenders does the Department house?

Link to Latest Population Figures – (Updated Monthly)

How do offenders spend their time in prison?

The Department provides a variety of programming, education and work opportunities. Many offenders work (kitchen, janitor/light maintenance), receive vocational training (automobile maintenance and repair, farming, furniture repair, picture framing, print shop), attend classes (education, life skills, AA, NA, anger management), are entered in substance abuse treatment or participate in other programs such as Prison Arts. After work assignments are completed, inmates are permitted time for recreation and physical activity.

How much does it cost to house an offender each year?

It costs approximately $36,000 a year to house an offender.

I keep getting unwanted telephone calls and letters from an offender. How can I stop this?

Inmate phone calls are collect, receivers of calls may simply refuse to accept the charges. You may also contact the institution where the offender is incarcerated so that they can put a block on your telephone number which will prohibit the offender from calling. To stop an inmate from corresponding with you, contact the Warden's Office at the appropriate facility.

How do I find out if someone is a registered sex offender?

The Delaware State Police Bureau of Identification maintains a registry for sex offenders. Sex Offender Central Registry Website

What employment opportunities are available with the Delaware Department of Correction?

The Delaware Department of Correction has continuous openings. Employment Opportunities