Delaware Correctional Reentry Commission

Implemented as a result of Executive Order 27 signed by Governor Carney in December of 2018, the Delaware Correctional Reentry Commission (DCRC) oversees a continuum of reentry services for justice involved men and women as they transition from prison to our community. Similar to other successful reentry reform initiatives throughout the country, the DCRC promotes the use of evidenced based practices across all phases of Delaware's correctional system: institutional phase (prison), transition phase (community corrections centers), and the community phase where reentrants transition from a correctional facility to probation and parole services for community reintegration. Our work seeks to encourage fundamental system changes across corrections and community partner agencies.

Our goal is simple: those reentering our community from a correctional facility will have the treatment, education, training and supportive services they need to resettle in our neighborhoods with a place to live, work and reunite with their families as responsible and productive contributors to our communities.

Essential elements include:

  • assessments that determine institution and community based programs;
  • collaborative case management between state agencies such as departments of Correction, Education, Labor, Health and Social Services and Delaware State Housing Authority;
  • continuity of services and programming from the time a person enters a correctional facility until they are ultimately reintegrated back into the community;
  • Judges, criminal justice experts, correctional officers, non-profit social service providers, the business community, legislators, communities of natural support including formerly incarcerated.

Working together our aim is to reduce the rate of released offenders who return to criminal behavior, protecting victims and making Delawares communities safer.

Released offenders will have the tools needed to succeed in the community

Reduce crime by implementing a seamless plan of services and supervision from time of entry into prison through transition, reintegration and community based support

Promote public safety and increase success rate of released offenders

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