DOC Rehabilitation Programs

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)


AVP helps participants understand anger and teaches them to deal with it in a healthy way that produces honesty, openness, and trust.

Parenting Classes for Women

Locations: BWCI

The program is administered by the nonprofit organization Child Inc. Curricula utilized are Children Come Without Instructions and Birth to Three parenting curriculum. These curricula are researched based, evidenced informed and are structured around the Protective Factors identified by US Department of Health & Humans Services Children's Bureau as essential components of effective parenting programs.

Parenting Classes for Men

Locations: HRYCI

Child Inc.’s Children Come without Instructions parenting curriculum is researched based, evidenced informed and is structured around the Protective Factors identified by US Department of Health & Humans Services’ Children’s Bureau as essential components of effective parenting programs.

Anger Management

Locations: HRYCI, JTVCC, & SCI

This program is designed for individuals living with mental illness, substance use disorder, or both to participate in group cognitive behavioral therapy sessions on anger management

Parenting Classes

Locations: HRYCI & SCI

Parenting Classes utilizes a 9-module curriculum, which focuses on: strengthening parental competency in positive communication, teaching parents about the harmful effects of divorce on children, providing parents the ability to address children’s fear and loss, strengthening parenting skills and increase their capacity to parent effectively during change, educating the parent on how to successfully help their children cope with the separation or divorce , successful co-parenting that includes a positive non-blaming parenting approach after separation, decreasing family conflict, educating the parents on the dynamics and impact of domestic violence on each other and specifically on the children, and enhancing child adjustment to life changes and establish healthy parent-child relationships.


Location: SCI & BWCI

The Reflections Program is a 90 day residential program which is for those convicted of multiple DUI charges.

Think Things Through (TTT)


This curriculum is designed to provide a thorough intervention to criminogenic needs, relying on a cognitive behavioral approach to teach participants how to effectively manage risk factors.



Transitions is the Sexual Offender treatment program offered at Level V.

Gateway CBT

Locations: BWCI, HRYCI, JTVCC, & SCI

Gateway CBT is a twelve week, ninety hour cognitive behavioral intervention which targets criminogenic thought/behavior and cognitive restructuring needs.

HeadStart Home Program

Locations: HRYCI

This is an intensive, offender-run, 3-to-6 month program operating in a therapeutic community. The program goals are: (1) promote positive, productive identity, (2) enhance positive self-image, (3) develop higher stages of moral reasoning, and (4) encourage positive thought processes and replace erroneous thinking patterns linked to recidivism.

Survivors of Abuse in Recovery (SOAR)

Locations: BWCI

SOAR provides individual and group therapy regarding issues related to Safety and Stabilization and Working through Trauma. Specific topics.



This program teaches decision-making and problem solving skills to persons under the direct supervision of the Department of Correction and to reduce the number of people making decisions that initially lead to prison or led them to returning to prison by teaching skills and processes that enable them to take personal and responsible directed control of their lives for the benefit of themselves, their families and our communities.

UD Inside-Out

Locations: HRYCI & BWCI

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange program (Inside-Out) is an international program based at Temple University since 1997 to bring college students and incarcerated men and women together as peers to explore and learn about issues of crime and justice from behind prison walls.

Veterans’ Service Unit

Locations: SCI

This program is administered by the Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans and the Veterans Reentry Resources Alliance, Inc. (VRERA). The program provides pre- and post-release services including a peer support mentoring program to incarcerated veterans throughout Delaware.

Impact of Crime on Victims & Courage to Change

Location: HRYCI, SCI & JTVCC

The Impact of Crime on Victims program seeks to develop empathy for victims of crime among participating violent offenders.

Road to Recovery (R2R)

Location: BWCI, HRYCI & SCI *R2R programming is also offered at Level IV facilities at the Community Corrections Treatment Center (CCTC) and Hazel D. Plant Treatment Center (HDP)

R2R is the Department of Correction's evidence-based substance use treatment disorder program. The program offers three tracks depending on the severity of the participant's substance use disorder. Track 1 targets severe drug dependency and is the equivalent of inpatient residential treatment. Tracks 2 and 3 target mild to moderate substance use disorder and function as the equivalent of intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment in a residential setting. The program includes a collegiate model system where participants are assigned to elective groups that include addressing trauma, co-occurring disorders, healthy relationships, and anger management.