The Delaware Department of Correction Responds to COVID-19
The Delaware Department of Correction is taking extraordinary steps to help protect our correctional officers, probation officers, educators, counselors, medical professionals, contractors and staff - as well as the individuals in our custody - from the spread of COVID-19. That includes enhanced screenings, limiting access to facilities to reduce the risk of community spread, extra cleanings in every facility each day, and more. Additionally, the Delaware Department of Correction and its dedicated medical professionals know how to combat infectious diseases, and we have a track record of doing it successfully. We have successfully prevented widespread outbreaks of infectious diseases like the flu for three consecutive seasons in all of our correctional facilities. That experience, and our robust planning efforts, are helping us respond to the threat of COVID-19.

In-person visitation is temporarily suspended beginning January 1, 2022, as a part of the DOC's ongoing COVID-19 response. Read More Here

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