Victim Services

Erin Connelly, Victim Services Coordinator

The Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) Victim Services Unit provides information, assistance, and support to victims of crime when the offender in their case is in the care or custody the DOC. The Victim Services Unit assists victims in gaining knowledge and understanding about the corrections process.

Our goal is to help empower victims to become both informed and involved so they may experience less frustration with prison and probation personnel and be better prepared to participate in the corrections process, if they choose.

The DOC encourages all victims to learn more about and become participants in the corrections process. The DOC is dedicated to helping victims and survivors find answers and support.

Meeting the Victims Needs

In 1992, Delaware made history by signing the Victims’ Bill of Rights into law. This law mandates that victims are informed about the criminal process and it extends notification and participation rights to them. The felony process is often complicated and confusing. The DOC wishes to provide greater assistance and attention to the victim or survivor in the corrections process.

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*** If you change your address, please contact the Victim Service Unit to update your new address so you can receive correspondence regarding updates in your case. ***

Please contact the Victim Services Unit at 302-857-5440 to report the violation of the no contact order.

For information relating to your case written request can be sent to:

Department of Correction Administration Building
245 McKee Road
Dover, DE 19904
Phone:(302) 857-5440