Food Services

Wendal Lundy, Food Services Administrator

General activities include the following:

  • Provide meals which meet state and federal requirements, while following USDA and Department of Education practices and guidelines.
  • Maintain a 4-week cycle menu that is reviewed every 6 months and approved by a registered Dietitian.
  • Partner with Sussex County Community Corrections to utilize the farm grown produce grown in correctional menus.
  • Collaborate with the Bureau of Correctional Healthcare Services to address special dietary and therapeutic needs of offenders.
  • Ensure compliance in maintaining the highest professional standards of security, sanitation, physical hygiene and safety.
  • Advertise procurement bids for food and packaged items to ensure value, quality and competitive pricing.
  • Maintain food supply inventory consistent with population needs.
  • Provide ongoing training to institution kitchen personnel.
  • Order, receive, process and deliver products to facilities and institutions.
  • Supervise and train inmates in warehouse operations to include handling hazardous chemicals, equipment operation, and inventory control procedures.